Days Love Business EXPO 2020

SOLD - Stand F32 at Love Business 2017 Booked By Lace Market Hotel

Lace Market Hotel presents an extraordinary palette of temptations. Sublime series beds, signature desserts, cocktails, candles and amazing artworks are merely the entree. Discover forty two sumptuous rooms, world-class amenities, our serene lobby space and magnificent 22 seater board / private dining room, food and drink conisours are well catered for with Saint Bar, Cock and Hoop Ale House and the dining mecca, Merchants Restaurant.

A step away from bustling city streets, enjoy the sensation of escape. Give in to rare indulgence. Let your eyes take in the colour and the light & your nose absorb the subtle sweet fragrances wafting throughout. Lose yourself in luxury, in texture. Absorb the soft sounds, the whispers, laughter and music. Dig in to experience delectable taste like never before. Settle in for the sweetest of dreams. Dive in, to be enlivened

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