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Holywell Park Conference Centre, Loughborough, LE11 3GR - 9:30am - 3:00pm

 11:50 - 12:30  East Midlands Chamber of Commerce: Question – Is the East Midlands the best positioned region for business in 2019?

Chris Hobson Hosts Q&A Session at Love Business

With 2019 set to be a landmark year – the UK set to leave the EU and East Midlands Gateway due to complete – is this the best UK location for any business in 2019? The year ahead will present exciting and challenging opportunities.

If you want to know what’s going on in the region and wider economy then the Chamber has a panel of experts ready to answer your questions.

Our panel will try answer your questions. The panelists picked for their resources or specialism have a great insight into the challenges and opportunities brought about by Brexit, The East Midlands Gateway and the East Midland’s growth potential. 

There will be a mix of questions submitted before the event (so panelists can offer carefully considered answers to your questions), together with questions from the floor. The session will be led by Chris Hobson, Director of Policy and External Affairs at East Midlands Chamber.


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Your Panel of Experts

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East Midlands Gateway - How can this new inland port help your business growth?

The East Midlands is founded on a strong advanced manufacturing base, enhanced by a range of many other thriving sectors. A fact that many of the global companies who locate here, like Rolls Royce, JCB and Toyota, are well aware of. With East Midlands Airport being the largest pure cargo airport in the UK - this has undoubtedly underpinned the regions success. However, the opening of the SEGRO’s Logistics Park ‘East Midlands Gateway’ (SLPEMG), immediately to the north of the runway, will help support further growth in the region.

Creating jobs and boosting skills

The East Midlands is well placed to support existing growth, as well as encouraging a range of strategic new industries that can create jobs and boost skills. The Logistics Park – already visible to drivers along the M1 on a vast stretch of land – will also have the 50-acre rail terminal, set to be completed by the middle of next year. It will be capable of accommodating half mile long trains and will connect the park to the Castle Donington freight line, providing direct access, via the Rugby Loop, to the major eastern and southern UK ports such as Southampton, Felixstowe and London Gateway.

The golden triangle between Derby, Leicester and Nottingham

This capability means logistics giants such as TNT, DHL, FedEx, Amazon and Royal Mail have chosen to locate globally vital hubs at this prime location. The park is set to be home to logistic and manufacturing businesses, so the golden triangle between Derby, Leicester and Nottingham is set to thrive - the question is: How can your business capitalise on this boom in our backyard?


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What opportunities can Brexit possibly bring to businesses in the East Midlands?

If you’re like most business owners, you’re worried about of the uncertainty Brexit has brought about and just want it over with. The dynamics of a negotiation of this enormity mean it’s unlikely we’ll truly know the impact until very close to when the UK is scheduled to leave on 29th March 2019.

Whatever your thoughts on Brexit - if you're in business, it's likely you have more questions than answers.

Many businesses are already experiencing changes in the labour market and currency effects. Cost and availability of certain supplies and goods may change substantially. However, with change there will always be a huge increase in entrepreneurial opportunities.

90% of world growth over the next decade will be outside the EU.

In terms of our history, culture, law, freedoms and entrepreneurship, the UK is well placed to benefit both itself and the big world that exists out there, beyond the EU.

What challenges concern you?

In the short term there will be challenges your business will need to overcome, the panel of experts assembled have more insight into what’s going on and are ready to answer your questions.


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